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Acer Replacement AC Adapter for H0OW59H0085 Acer Predator 15 G9-591-74KN

This Power Charger will work like a charm with your Acer H0OW59H0085 laptop. A free power cord is also attached for your convenience. We do proudly declare that this Acer H0OW59H0085 AC adapter is high quality. Besides, our Acer H0OW59H0085 AC adapter is brand new and backed by a 30-day money guarantee. Please purchase with full confidence. So if your original adapter is lost or broken, this would be your choice. 1 Year Warranty & Fast Shipping.
New Replacement ACER H0OW59H0085 Adapter
Acer H0OW59H0085 adapter
Product Details
Device Type: Power adapter - external
Power Capacity: 19.5V--9.23A, 180W
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty
Fit Models: Notebook Adapter for Acer Predator 15 G9-591-74KN
Adapter Part Numbers:
ADP-180MB K ADT KP180010015380010DP100 S/N:H0OW59H0085 C.C.:C REV:00 R33030
Can the notebook power adapter be universal?
Notebook power adapters are not universal. The reasons for not being universal are as follows: First, most notebook power adapter brands have different interfaces, which means that other brands of power adapters cannot be plugged into a laptop at all. The difference in interface is relatively safe, because at least you will not plug in a power adapter that does not match the current or voltage to power the laptop, causing damage to the computer hardware. Secondly, the voltage of laptop power adapters with different voltages is different. For example, IBM is generally 16V, Dell is 20V, Hp is 18.5V, Sony is 19.5V and so on. It can be seen that even if the power adapter interface is the same, it cannot be powered by a different brand of notebook power adapter. Third, the current is different from different brands of notebook power adapters, such as: IBM is generally 4.5A, Dell is 3.34A, Hp is 2.7A, Sony is 4.1A. In fact, the voltage and current are different for the same brand notebook power adapter. Therefore, even if you use a power adapter between laptops of the same brand, you must confirm the voltage and current specifications.

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