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Fujifilm battery pack for Fujifilm NP-50A F665 F750 F75 F100 F900 XF1 X10 X20 F85

Buy Fujifilm NP-50 battery. Fast Order Shipping, Friendly Service, & the Best Value in Batteries! We don't just sell discount batteries, chargers, and accessories; we work with them every day, passing that expertise on to you.
Replace the following part numbers:

Fujifilm NP-50
Fujifilm NP-50A
Fits the Following Models:
Kodak KLIC-7004
Pentax DL-I68
FinePix F75EXR
FinePix F Series F100fd / F200EXR / F300EXR / F50fd / F60fd / F70 EXR / F80EXR
FinePix Z Series Z100FD
Real 3D W3
F50fd F60fd F100fd F75EXR F85EXR F200EXR F305EXR 3DW3 S10 S12 F605 F505 F305 F85 F775 X10 X20
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